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“Love is confusing! Love makes you not want the day to end but at the same time it makes you look forward to tomorrow.”  ~ Tramaine Cavil

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Man Wanted More From Woman - Submitted by Rick in Missouri

You say you are closer to the Lord and you're a better person but you are the same as you have always been.  You are no different!  In your path all you leave is destruction and despair.  You are an evil person that doesn't know how to treat people.  You want people to treat you a certain way but you want to treat them the opposite.  And as soon as someone treats you the way you treat them...


Man Cheated on Woman - Submitted by Kaylee in Maryland

You told me that you were working, and I assumed you were telling the truth! Every night you worked late hours, but I thought you were doing it to pay off our debt and help raise our son. I do not understand why you would go behind my back and have me thinking you are such a wonderful husband. I actually felt sorry for you because you "worked" so much. I wanted to give you everything...


Woman Saying Goodbye - Submitted by Misty in Kentucky

When I first saw you I thought that you were the one for me. Then we started to date and then you asked me to marry you and I said yes, I thought our love would last forever but it didn’t. If I ever hurt you in anyway, I’m sorry but all the time we were together it felt like I wasn’t there. If I could have one guy in this world it would be you. I still love you with all my heart. I know you’ve went on with your...


Man Wants Woman Back - Submitted by Eric in Arizona

PLEASE DON’T DO THIS!!!!  Don’t you know I love you with all of my heart?  I’m dying inside knowing that  I could lose you forever.  I am so sorry and I will make all the changes you need me to make. PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME! PLEASE!!!!!!!!  I know I’ve been in the wrong.  I truly do! I know that you’ve talked to me before about how you felt


Man Wants Kids - Submitted by Kimberly in Florida

You took everything away from me but the last thing you will take away is my kids. How dare you ask for custody while you showed no interest in the children at all. These kids are my life, and it is sad that you think you can even take them away from me as well. In fact, you will never take this kids away from me, unless you are willing to kill me in the process.  I do not care what the lawyers or judge say...


7 Year Relationship Ended - Submitted by Danny in Florida

It has been exactly seven years and four months since we have been together. I think back of all the times we shared good and bad and I have come to realize it is not the way it used to be. The first year of our marriage was the honeymoon stage. I am assuming we were young and in love, but looking back, I just think we were young and stupid. I could have been in a better situation today...


No Unconditional Love - Submitted by Mitch in New York

It really frustrates me to know that you don't see where I'm coming from. I love you with all my heart and I love you freely. I love you without conditions, without requirements, and without hesitation. All the ways I wish I was loved. You make me feel less than a man and less than a person. You treat me like your little project and even worse you make me feel like a little boy at times. “Yes,..if you're good and...





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